Friday, 16 January 2009

Brilliant example of a digital campaign

Compare the

This is the best integrated digital campaign that I have seen since the Orange balloon race!

And I’ll tell you why:

1) Integrated platform usage- The use of more than one media platform to advertise the site increases awareness of the brand. It may cost a bundle to run a prime time TV ad but if this results in an increase in traffic then and a good ROI will not be far behind. Not only has a website been setup but also a Facebook group has been established for lovers of Aleksandr the Meerkat. Six separate groups have a combined 1058 members. This repetitive method increases Compare the Market’s share of mind and thus makes it the first place we look when we need to get an insurance quote.

2) Brand re-enforcement – The creation of a spoof site called ‘Compare the Meerkat’ is a genius form of brand extension. The similarity between the two is uncanny and after several exposures to the advert, ‘Compare the Meerkat becomes synonymous with Compare the Market.

3) Use of Humour – The key to any successful viral campaign is that you have to give people a reason to pass it on. Now although this isn’t technically viral as it features on TV, the first time I heard about it was through an email from a colleague.

4) Identifiable Character- Many companies have proven in the past the importance of having an identifiable character. Halifax have Howard, 118 118 has the 118 men, Sprite has (or had) Fido Dido. It presents something familiar and humane about the brand. Compare the Market is a comparison site and aggregator. Aleksandr of Compare the Meerkat is humorous and so appeals to those of us easily tickled.

Watch the TV ad here:

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Gray Dudek said...

I really enjoyed reading all the comments about the article around Compare the Meerkat but nobody seemed to overtly mention that the campaign was simply created for TV, then transcribed online due to the success and was built soley for brand awareness. Of course leads were required but the awareness on Compare the Market was the main brief. So did it work? Someone mentioned loads of Twitter followers and also Facebook fans but did this actually turn into chatter and therefore sales.
The answer is yes! So the campaign is brilliant. I have written a case study around the campaign with some good measurements within if anyone is interested in taking a look at the true halo effect Compare the Meerkat had on