Wednesday, 11 March 2009

5 Ways not to be ignored on Twitter

1. The Goldilocks Tweffect - Don't tweet too little or too often. Too much and your opinions may just become noise, too little and people forget about you and not take note when you do Tweet.
2. Retweet space - Always leave enough space for someone to add a retweet (RT) at the beginning
3. Tweet about interesting things. Whether your tweets be business or pleasure make sure they're interesting. Its still possible to bore someone in 140 characters!
4. Negative tweets - Don't piss people off by Tweeting about them negatively without having all the facts. Some people learn this the hard way.
5. Keep it real - Be everything you would be in 'real life' if you wanted to make and keep friends and acquaintances. Be transparent and if you're ever going to be caught out for lying or exaggerating, Twitter is the place.

Most importantly - don't be contrived. Don't TRY and be funny, relevant or irreverent, just be yourself. Ok thats six tips but five sounds better.
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Luke Williams said...

I always rec, making sure you leave space for your @username, RT and a comment from them - nice when people RT and add comment I think

Digirob said...

Yeah defo Luke. I always prefer to add my own comment to a RT. Trouble is you start running out of room!