Friday, 20 March 2009

5 Reasons Not To Use Spotify

5 Reasons Not To Use Spotify

1) Adverts. I do not want to have to listen to an irelevant advert half way through listening to my favourite tracks. This I feel is an invasion of my privacy. The reason I bought Sky Plus was so that I could begin watching programmes 10 minutes late and then fast forward through adverts. It's the reason I refuse to listen to commercial, tin pot local radio too.

2) If you're listening to it in an office or if multiple users are logged in - It stops if anyone else hits play! Rubbish. I don't like unscheduled interuptions to audio delights...

3) The music choice is disappointing to say the least. Lots of tracks are covers or karaoke tracks. Many artists are not represented at all. If you enjoy new music or niche artists then Spotify is not for you. Having said that, if you like random versions of songs then Spotify is perfect.

4) Its invite only so you have to wait to be invite dto join the fun

5) The music is streamed but is not yet available on mobile devices (although this is coming shortly I am led to believe). So good for static music listening. If it successfully makes the jump to will be very very good.

I'll stick to Napster and i-Tunes for now thanks.
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Barney said...

Have another try - there is a much more diverse selection now.